Our educational mission statement and objectives

Children want to learn, they are curious and should be encouraged to remain active learners throughout their lives. Together we search for answers and new questions, across subjects and open to the whole world. In doing so we support individual personalities with individual learning paths. In an ever-changing environment the aim is not to accumulate knowledge, but to develop skills and attitudes that will make our students creative, confident and responsible citizens of the world. In addition to academic aspects, this also involves social-emotional learning, the unfolding of the individual personality and the development of communicative, cooperative and creative skills as the key to the living and working world of the future. The guiding principle here is the Montessori concept of "Help me to do it myself".

The three areas that form the core of our educational programme are multilingualism (on the principle of immersion / teaching in German and English), inquiry-based learning in study blocks across various subjects with an international perspective, and Montessori education with a special focus on individual learning development.

In order to enable individual learning paths within the framework of a fixed frame of reference, our children study in a learning environment which is equipped with extensive Montessori materials and features a diverse mixture of resources and impulses, together with a variety of working methods and social interaction. Heterogeneity is not seen as a problem but as an enrichment. Always supported by the teaching team, each child is part of a group but can and should always find and develop his or her own approaches, solutions and questions.

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